The multimedia award “The Golden City Gate” celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The internationally respected competition takes place each year at the ITB time in Berlin. Due to the Corona crisis, the ITB and thus the ceremonial award ceremony had to be canceled this year in March. President Wolfgang Jo Huschert had to react and decided to send the prizes digitally and by post and to award some of the awards at an improvised award ceremony for interested winners at the Melia Hotel Düsseldorf.

The 20-year-old “Golden City Gate” annually evaluates tourist films, road shows, advertisements, videos and more. The contributions will then be evaluated by a specialist jury in Düsseldorf from the point of view, if the video of the destination is appealing to the traveler, in the different categories. Shortly before the ITB, the best entries will be re-evaluated by a VIP jury with 20 exclusive celebrities from the tourism industry in Berlin and the diamond of the competition “Das goldene Stadttor- The golden city gate” will be awarded.

The President Wolfgang Jo Huschert is sending out the awards in special boxes around the world

Usually there will be a ceremonial award ceremony at the ITB. This should be celebrated this March together with the 20th anniversary of the competition. Unfortunately, she had to be canceled due to the corona outbreak.

Wolfgang Jo Huschert: “After the fair management canceled the ITB at short notice and we could not use the international club for the award ceremony, we sent all the prizes digitally as a photo with the presentation photo of the president. This way, every destination could immediately make a press release about your award. We also had a room in Düsseldorf with the support of Melia Hotels where we held an award ceremony for the interested winners.”

Wolfgang and Ute Huschert(right) giving the award to Town Mayor Binder (middle)

Now the prices, the traditional bears, went on a world tour. The new bear with an artistic new design, with 20 years of logo and with different landmarks of the countries that had won a DIAMOND AWARD in the past years.

Huschert continues: “We are happy to send the award winners by post with the original award, the bear, according to the digital preliminary version.
The “Golden City Gate” had specially secured boxes made so that the bears arrive at the recipient without damage.
So far we have sent 63 bears to 29 countries around the world and will now also send the remaining packages to Sri Lanka and India and Kerale after the postal routes have been opened.”

The new award, the traditional bear

The 21st “Golden City Gate Award 2021″ is already starting again with new creativity these days.
Interested tourists can see all conditions and the different categories on the web and

Wolfgang Jo Huschert further invites: “We look forward to submitting films / videos and your creative ideas for the 21st multimedia competition” Das goldene Stadttor “in the next year 2021.