The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has announced its recovery plan following the end of the pandemic, as well as the latest updates on tourism developments.
HKTB’s executive director, Mr. Dane Cheng, announced a three-phase plan to reinvigorate tourism to the city. This plan has been designed to complement the HK$400 million (approximately £41.8 million) funds allocated to supporting promotions by the trade.

The three phase recovery plan includes:
Phase one (now) – Resilience
HKTB is preparing a recovery plan for Hong Kong’s tourism industry.

Phase two – Recovery
When the pandemic shows signs of abating, HKTB will first focus on local market to promote positive ambience in Hong Kong by encouraging locals to rediscover different neighbourhoods and community cultures in order restore their confidence in the city.

Hong Kong by night

Additionally, HKTB will launch tactical promotions with the trade in selected overseas markets based on the developments of individual markets to stimulate people’s interest to visit Hong Kong.

Phase three – Relaunch
Mega events and a new tourism brand campaign will be launched to rebuild Hong Kong’s image.

Dr. YK Pang, HKTB’s chairman highlighted that COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to Hong Kong’s tourism industry.

Dr. Pang said, “The tourism landscape will be reshaped. In the post-pandemic world, we will see a shift in preference and behaviour among travellers – the public health conditions of destinations, and the hygiene standards of transportations, hotels and other tourism facilities will become a top priority; people will prefer short-haul breaks and shorter itineraries; wellness-themed trips will become a new trend.

“It is in fact an ideal time for us to review and rethink Hong Kong’s position in the global tourism market and elevate service standard. Together with the travel trade, the HKTB is going to map out the long-term development strategy for our tourism industry.”

A traditional Ship in the HongKong Harbour

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