The Film- Print- and MultiMedia-Competition “The Golden City Gate” took place this year for the 19th time during the ITB Berlin. The award recognizes tourist contributions in various categories, which are assessed by an international jury on the basis of a points system. All works with a tourist background can be submitted. The submission is not limited to films only. You can also submit web pages or print campaigns. The finalists of the competition will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star Awards in the various categories. The best film entry from all categories and first place finishers will be awarded the “Diamond Award” at the end. This year Abu Dhabi was “Your extraordinary story”. In the new category “Safety Instruction Videos” there were 4 submissions from 4 airlines. The first place in this new category went to the airline ANA from Japan.

Wolfgang Jo Huschert

Launched by the well-known German advertising film producer Wolfgang Jo Huschert, the competition awards prizes in the categories of urban tourism, region, hotel, business, event, travel, spot, music, print, website and innovation with a variety of subcategories.

A total of 32 countries with a total of 148 contributions took part in the competition in 2019. In 19 years, a total of 1,768 films were judged by the international jury.

The happy winners 2019

Berlin multimedia award for the new security video of the Japanese ANA
The Japanese Kabuki security video of the Japanese market leader is not only well received by Japanese passengers.
The airline sees itself as a cultural ambassador of the country and creatively combines native tradition with its extremely high level of security.

ANA, the largest airline in Japan and a member of the Star Alliance, is bringing a high-profile Japanese video film for its safety announcement on board in Germany. The film was presented in its category at this year’s world’s largest tourism fair ITB (International Tourism Exchange) in Berlin International Tourism Multimedia Award “The Golden City Gate” awarded the Gold Award in the category “Safety Videos”.

The jury was impressed by its creative background with the ANA security video: The airline is incorporating Japanese traditional culture into daily flight operations. The latest security video features actors from the traditional Kabuki theater. ANA – like all airlines – attaches great importance to the safety of its passengers and therefore also presents the safety information in the most appealing way possible. The current film also offers unique insights into Japanese culture. The Kabuki Theater is a traditional form of Japanese theater with historically deep roots in the Edo period. In 2008 it was even added to the list of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

“The Golden City Gate” marks one of the creative and innovative highlights of the tourism industry; The competition has been taking place every year since 2001 as part of the ITB in Berlin as an international tourism film, print and multimedia award. The competition is therefore in its 18th round this year. The submitted films from various areas of the entire tourism industry will be shown to international trade fair visitors as well as to a large number of trade fair visitors. An international jury of judges rates the entries – the best-placed entries are rated “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze”. In addition, there is a “Diamond Award”, which is awarded to the best of the best.

The entertaining security video features real Kabuki actors from the famous play “Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami” (Sugawara and the Secrets of Calligraphy). Yutaka Ito, Executive Vice President of ANA: “The Japanese culture is very important to our company. And we are very proud to bring our unique traditions to a wider audience in an informative and entertaining way. “

The winners from Japan

With its core concept “Inspiration of JAPAN” for the brand, the airline generally combines the best elements of traditional Japanese hospitality with the spirit of modern Japan. The new security video is an example of how ANA brings travelers the best of both worlds while sustainably strengthening security and Japanese culture.

The 4-minute and 14-second, award-winning security video can be seen here:
Corendon Airlines honored for Best Event PR movie ‘Mission 747′
The emerging airline has received a prize from the prestigious tourism public relations film contest “The Golden City Gate”.
In 2019, the airline Corendon Airlines was awarded for its “Mission 747″ in the event sector. The 45 jurors from all over the world were impressed by the short film about the transport of a jumbo jet in the colors of the airline from Schiphol Airport to the facility of the nearby airport hotel Corendon Village Amsterdam.
And indeed, the transport of the disused Boeing 747 called KLM ’s City of Bangkok over several nights was an inspiring engineering feat: the aircraft crossed 18 fields, the A9 motorway, and had to make 57 different traffic maneuvers before entering the Hotel has been set up. In particular, the crossing of the highway drew thousands of spectators. More than 5,000 journalists worldwide reported on the event.
The aircraft will now be converted into the “Corendon Boeing 747 Experience”, which will open its doors in the third quarter of 2019. The Hotel Corendon Village Amsterdam was opened last year in the former headquarters of Sony. With 680 rooms, suites and apartments it is the largest hotel in the Benelux. Guests have an unobstructed view of Schiphol Airport.
The well-deserved prize for the best PR film in the “Event” category was given to the co-founder and CEO of Corendon Airlines, Yıldıray Karaer, in the presence of film director and producer Sven Klawunder at the Corendon Airlines stand at the ITB, Hall 25, Booth 122, to hand over.
Link to the video:

Colourful prizegiving ceremony at the ITB 2019











In the coming year, there will be the 20th anniversary. For this we will plan early and try to integrate the content of the participants from 19 years “The Golden City Gate”. If necessary, send us some anecdotes, which we then want to incorporate.

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