Committed to strengthening and enhancing the 13th edition of China’s Only Doublebill Event in MICE and Corporate Travel to its delegates, IT&CM China and CTW China 2019 features a re-designed programme that centers on initiatives for business leads beyond one-on-one appointments, avenues for MICE innovation, closer interaction between IT&CM China and CTW China, as well as the event’s stellar industry support.

Recognising that lead generation is important for both exhibitors and buyers, the enhanced Exhibition Walk-About, newly created Meet-The-Corporates and improved Brand Presentation Showcase are additional formats beyond one-on-one business appointments, to explore and create business potential.

“These initiatives acknowledge that procurement potential takes time to cultivate. Some exhibitors just want to be placed in the radar of potential buyers, while buyers may seek options for future consideration. These new formats address the need for establishing valuable connections even if there is no immediate business agenda. In addition, they add variety to the buyers’ programme,” explained Darren Ng, Managing Director of TTG Asia Media.

Darren Ng in front of a Thailand stand

Targeted at association buyers, the Exhibition Walk-About comprise of four 1-hour guided sessions to featured destination pavilions and booths. Each guided session is kept small, allowing featured exhibitors the opportunity to efficiently make quick introductions and connections within a short time. By the end of the show, featured exhibitors would have met all attending association buyers.

Meet-The-Corporates fulfil a similar objective for IT&CM China exhibitors wanting to meet attending corporate travel managers / procurement buyers from CTW China via a speed-dating format. Exhibitors go round tabled groups of corporate buyers to exchange business cards and make simple introductions. Sessions are organised to allow exhibitors to meet all attending CTW China buyers within two 1 hour sessions.

Exhibitors with more to share can take advantage of 20min Brand Showcase Presentation slots open to all buyers and media. Previously limited to just destination brands as part of the Association Day programme, these sessions are for any participating exhibitor to supplement their publicity and brand outreach efforts. Consequently, the new brand showcase presentation will also replace media briefing sessions.

Unveiling another new segment to welcome thought leaders, innovators and newcomers in MICE, the Power Hackathon Luncheons is an exciting platform for brands to tap on start-ups and tech enterprises to solve their business challenges within 24 hours. Sponsoring brands will share and announce their challenges during the first day luncheon, with solutions presented by participating solution providers on the second day lunch.

In addition to attending the luncheons on both days, IT&CM China and CTW China delegates will also be able to meet these emerging solution players at the dedicated MICE Innovation Hub to explore fresh solutions created specifically to solve industry challenges and better understand and gain insights to the latest travel trends.

The concept of innovation is further aligned to the “Sustainability Through Innovation” theme of this year’s Keynote. Co-helmed by International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) and China Business Event Federation (CBEF), the session will feature luminaries from Counselor’s Office of State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Hangzhou International Expo Center, design consultancy Springtime Design and niHUB Innovation Center & Startup Accelerator & Incubator, as they collectively share multi-faceted perspectives on building sustainable brands through innovation.