Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas had the opportunity to welcome Miss World First Runner up and Miss World Thailand 2018, Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan, for her charity activity called “Love for All“.

Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas is a boutique resort where surrounded by botanical atmosphere, all area is green with the large space of private villas. The resort is located in Na Jontien Sattahip which is only 15 minutes away from Pattaya city. The resort has it’s beautiful and private beach.

Nicolene enjoyed her experience in the resort by jogging in the garden, yoga on the seaside, afternoon tea at her ocean front pool villa as well as dinner on the beach with her mother and friends, live music was performed during the dinner time.

For this area, nearby the resort, there are many activities that all can find such as water sports, outdoor sports, golf courses, attraction areas, floating market and restaurants. This is the destination where the government has the project to  develop U Tapao airport  and to have high speed train from Bangkok to Rayong province which is good expansion on the  tourism and industrial business for the eastern seaboard destination.

Nicolene had joined the charity with Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas to visit and donate the necessary things to Teacher Boonchu Home for Special Children. This home lead by Teacher Boonchu who takes care of 185 special children in her arms. Teacher Boonchu decided to have an early retirement in order to get the pension and established her home for the children who were left away from the families. She works and takes care of all children with love and care. She has been working with her volunteers, local people, and all expenses are her responsibility. She could not hire well educated staffs as wishes. In other words, the needs are high while less income

The happy schoolkids with Miss World Thailand and the team of Sea Sand Sun Resort

There are not many people knowing about this home. It brought a lot of pleasures and happiness to Teacher Boonchu that Nicolene came and made the children’s happiness as Miss World First Runner up 2018 came to visit them. The children performed beautiful Thai folk dance for welcoming.  Moreover, full set of Buffet lunch, fresh fruits and ice cream were provided to all children.

Nicolene had very impressive speech “ to help the people who has less opportunity will help all special children to touch love and care from everyone . The autistic children have very difficult to living in their life, they need the acceptance. We have to help and support them in the right way. The children have high potential and capability but they need the advice from us. She admires Teacher Boonchu for her kindness in taking care of the special children.  Teacher Boonchu is her inspiration

Welcome to Miss World Thailand (second from left) with Patitta Adinolfi (second from right)

Sea Sand Sun Resort and Villas promises to provide 100 packs of drinking water in every month by starting from February 2019 as charity. Thank you Nicolene for doing great things that having real importance and value to them.

Sea Sand Sun Resort Pool