Thai Tourist Police release statistics highlighting crackdown on illegal activities
In line with the policy of Tourism and Sports Minister H.E. Weerasak Kowsurat to ensure maximum security for visitors to Thailand, the Tourist Police Bureau has released statistics of its crime-fighting crackdown including arrests and prosecutions in the January-October 2018 period.The figures were recently presented to the Minister in a meeting with the head of the Tourist Police.
Since the Minister assumed his post, Tourist Police throughout the country have proceeded to arrest and prosecute the following cases:
6,333 cases of unlicensed tour operators
26 cases of scams who cheat tourists to buy low quality products and services at high prices12,679 cases of taxi drivers for exploiting passengers and other forms of illegal behaviour; such as, rejecting passengers
3,408 cases of taxi drivers reported for refusing to use the meter
1,659 cases of taxi drivers who overcharge the fare
35 cases of illegal services establishment
1,406 cases of drugs in tourist attractions
9,533 cases of crimes against tourists
161 cases of mafia and “influential persons” who illegally carry weapons in tourist attractions
1,581 cases of illegal tour guides
390 cases of “sitting” tour guides who let unlicensed foreign guides operate on their behalf

Whether on a bike, motorbike, patrol car, on foot or by helicopter – the cops are always there when they are needed. Not only to thwart crime but also as a nice Thai who can explain the right way

The Tourist Police has also assured that this vigorous crackdown will remain in place nationwide all throughout 2019 in order to ensure that all visitors have a safe and comfortable stay in Thailand.

You see cop´s of the Thailand Tourism Police around the country. They are always very friendly. Is something happend they react fast and helpful. The men and women of the Tourist Police give the many foreign tourists, but also the locals a sense of security in the country.