May your new year be adorned with memories that are sweet, Lovely days and unforgettable moments. Enjoy an outstanding year beforehand.
Might we Dwell at a universe at peace and together with the consciousness of God’s love
Up over the world so high, Such As, for Instance, a diamond at the skies.
May possibly most of that time period arrive on your daily life expecting your heart will probably be well worth a go.Offering you friendship Happy New Year, together with really like.Whilst the New Year approaches people with expects anew,This will be really to needing you and your household a superb year beforehand.
Back in 2019 I Need that Will you not Merely Alter the Length of This Calendar Year,
But additionally your attention, responsibilities and activities for an even more profitable year beforehand
Since we get into the New Year collectively,
Let’s fix to love that the love that we talk about and also see it increase much more profound.


With the best wishes for 2019

your Editor- Team

Hagen Richter                            Robert Raback