The Film-Print-Multimedia-Competition “The Golden City Gate” is always seeking for some new ideas and expands its competition in 2019 with the new category: “Safety Instruction Videos”, which were shown by most of the airlines worldwide. The aim of adding this category is to draw attention to an important topic that is mostly underrepresented in our everyday lives. With activities like these, “The Golden City Gate” is getting more and more important as an observer and source of ideas for multimedia marketing in the tourism industry. The competition raises awareness about touristic companies and destinations and at the same time provides insights into the various worldwide productions in the global tourism film industry.
Participation in this international competition is worth thousands of new contacts worldwide. Experts estimate the new generated worldwide contacts by international TV – transmissions with 1.8 million. Additionally, published newspapers, magazines, flyers and online magazines increase the contacts again by approx. 250,000.
Participants will receive free publications, primarily with press releases, pictures and videos on the website of “The Golden City Gate” and on the Facebook channel.

Every participant can also promote and expand these ongoing activities with their own activities on themselves. There are many positive examples of how the participants and winners use “The Golden City Gate-Award” for their marketing.

From exhibiting at the fairground, through own press activities, to a festive gala with the prize presented to the tourism ministers, as in Nigeria, billboards at the airport and in the city as in Langkawi (Malaysia), or a separate press conference with the winners in their home country, such as in Switzerland, Spain, Austria or Malaysia (shown at the pictures).
The online registration to enter any submission in the 2019th edition of the multimedia competition in the different categories as well as the registration guidelines and further information can be found on the website of The Golden City Gate.

The deadline to enter the submissions is January 29, 2019. After that a panel of experts will evaluate the individual films of each category in Düsseldorf and a top-class VIP jury will choose the “Diamond Award” which is the best film in the whole multimedia competition in Berlin.

The award ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 7, 2019, from 9 to 10:30 in the International Club, next to the fairground. Participants will receive an official invitation.

“The Golden City Gate” will also have a stand at the DRV booth during ITB business days from Wednesday to Friday.

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