The 2nd Annual Hotelier Summit Asia is set to be held on 5th and 6th December at Jakarta, Indonesia. The Hotelier Summit Asia aims to add value and support the collaborative progression of the hospitality sector in Southeast Asia by offering various networking opportunities, enabling participants to build targeted connections and exchange information. In addition, conference agenda will offer insights on the current trends of the hospitality industry and outline action plans that are adaptable to the ever-evolving marketplace. All this will occur in a plush, comfortable, 5-star environment of learning and networking.
The Southeast Asian region has been seeing steady economic acceleration and improving currencies. This has led to constant increase in tourism, boosting the hospitality sector in the Southeast Asian countries.

Since 2005, Southeast Asia’s inbound tourism industry has grown by an annual average of 7.9% and the region now accounts for over 30% of international expenditure in this sector. In December, 2017, Vietnam saw a footfall of 1.3 million happy tourists.

Indonesia is the regional leader in terms of hospitality with 123 projects in the pipeline, while Thailand has 87, Vietnam has 81, Malaysia has 78, and the Philippines with 40.

from bringing together focused buyers and sellers in the hospitality industry for partnerships, the summit adds immense value to hospitality businesses by offering various value-added opportunities to participants, like, feature presentations, interactive panel discussions, workshops and several networking activities.

Marketing Manager of PT Philips, Indonesia, had this to say about last year’s event, “In one word, this event is ‘sharp’ because I met only potential customers who are interested in doing business with us. Moreover, the people we met already knew in advance who we are and what we do. I don’t have to waste time with small talk and introductions.”

Here’s is an overview of the summit:
One-To-One Meetings: A unique opportunity to interact one-to-one with decision makers of companies and the chance to seal the deal at the summit

Keynote Address: Hear from the top speakers who are experts in the industry about the trends and challenges faced in the hospitality sector and finding solutions for the same. Also gain knowledge and insights from profound speeches and presentations

Panel Discussions : An interactive Q&A session comprising expert panelists and prequalified buyers and suppliers collaboratively addressing challenges faced in the industry

Sponsor Presentation : Garner the interest of leading investors and partners in the audience through a presentation to showcase your unique product or service

Networking Sessions : Participate in effective networking activities designed to develop strategic relationships with key investors and prospective partners

Project Showcase: Dedicated space to exhibit products and work with renowned project owners and developers.
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