Nov 2018

TAT curates three concepts to promote 55 secondary cities

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has curated three concepts for promoting the group of 55 secondary destinations to help develop and market their tourism economies and cultural assets in an environmentally-friendly way. These 55 provinces, which get less than four million local and [...]

Nov 2018

Latest UNWTO Report Heralds Mekong Tourism Forum as an Inclusive Tourism Global Best Practice

Von |2018-11-26T16:51:15+01:00November, 2018|English|

The UNWTO report highlights the MTCO’s 2017 Mekong Tourism Forum in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR as a possible model for inclusive tourism across other destinations.A new United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report praises Mekong Tourism’s 2017 Mekong Tourism Forum (MTF) as a global [...]

Nov 2018

Radisson Collection Debuts the Nofa Resort Riyadh, a Desert Jewel

Von |2018-11-26T16:11:03+01:00November, 2018|English|

Radisson Collection, a premium lifestyle collection of iconic hotel properties in unique locations, is now ready to showcase its latest offering with the opening of Nofa Resort Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Hotel.Located just outside of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the African-style resort has 57 luxurious [...]

Nov 2018

Routes Europe 2020 to be held in Bergen, Norway

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At a press conference* held today in Bergen, Norway, senior decision makers from Routes and Avinor announced that the 15th European route development forum will be held in the city in 2020. Having successfully bid to host the event, airport operator Avinor and their [...]

Nov 2018


Von |2018-11-25T23:16:27+01:00November, 2018|English|

The Film-Print-Multimedia-Competition „The Golden City Gate” is always seeking for some new ideas and expands its competition in 2019 with the new category: „Safety Instruction Videos“, which were shown by most of the airlines worldwide. The aim of adding this category is to draw [...]

Nov 2018

Neue Wege für Ihren Marketing Content

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Der internationale Film-Print-Multimedia-Wettbewerb „Das Goldene Stadttor“, geht neue mediale Wege und erweitert sich zusätzlich mit einer Neuen Kategorie:“ Safty Instruction“ Sicherheits-Videos der Fluggesellschaften, vor dem Flug. Das Goldene Stadttor wird immer wichtiger als Beobachter und Ideengeber, für das touristische Multimedia Marketing. Der Wettbewerb macht [...]

Nov 2018

Vienna House Hidden Secrets

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Bereits zum dritten Mal haben die Hotelmitarbeiter von Vienna House ausgefallene Reiseinspirationen rund um die Wintermonate zusammengestellt. Gästen werden so die einzelnen Städte noch schmackhafter gemacht.  Der Winter bei Vienna House ist bunt und abwechslungsreich. An jedem Standort gibt es etwas [...]

Nov 2018

a&o Hotels are going to Hungary

Von |2018-11-18T18:22:57+01:00November, 2018|English|

Budapest: a&o Hostels purchases property in Hungary and continues Eastern European expansion.Europe’s largest hostel company a&o to open its first building in Hungary’s capital Budapest in 2019. The Berlin-based budget group is continuing to grow: Centrally located in the trendy Erzsébetváros district, the first [...]

Nov 2018

UAE becomes first country to adopt fully digitalised VAT refund system

Von |2018-11-18T16:34:18+01:00November, 2018|English|

As of 18th November, visitors to the UAE will be able to claim tax back on purchases made in the country.The world’s first 100% digital VAT refund system is being managed by Planet, who have secured an exclusive three-year contract with the UAE Federal [...]

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